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Have you had a lifelong dream to work in television?  Maybe you fancied yourself a Blue Peter presenter, or a news reader, or maybe you always wanted to direct a live music show.  If this sounds familiar, YSTV is the society for you.


You can have a go at anything and everything at YSTV.  From producing to presenting, from writing to editing, from directing to advertising – whatever it is, we can teach you.


To get involved in YSTV email us at, or drop in to our studio anytime.  You can find out where we are by clicking here.


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Crewing Shows

Crewing shows involve a lot of people in various positions and jobs. The following is a list of what we need and what they entail, which anyone new could easily slide into doing:


As the name suggests, camera ops operate the cameras. After being trained how to use a camera, you can crew all of our shows as they will always need camera ops! If you enjoy filming and getting good shots, sometimes with a director in your ear, this job is for you.

The director leads the show, making sure everyone is doing everything they need to be doing at the right time. They're in charge of ensuring all members of the team do their job!

Floor manager makes sure that everyone and everything is running smoothly and gives support to the director. 

The graphics that appear on screen are controlled by the graphics op. 

Runners do a lot of running around! Whatever the director or anyone else wants, the runner does to ensure an effective and smooth show. 

After being trained how to use the sound desk, the sound operator ensures that sound during shows is running without a hitch. 

Ever wondered who chooses between which camera shots get to be on telly? That's the vision mixer's job. Although it looks like you're merely pressing buttons, it's one of the most popular jobs! 

VT stands for 'video tape', in other words pre-filmed and edited footage made specifically for programmes. A VT operator is needed to ensure that VTs appear on screen during live shows.

Think you’ve got a face for television? Or always wanted to try out your Paxman impression on camera? Whatever your presenting ambition, we want to hear from you! We run presenting workshops, and give one on one advice to wannabe presenters. Just get in touch with our Production Director, who can advise you further.

The Production Team is always on the lookout for new ideas and budding producers. If you're interested in getting involved with the creation and running of our programmes, we want you working on our Team! New members wishing to become a permanent part of the Production Team are always welcome. We are a flexible, friendly and enthusiastic group of people passionate about TV production, and if you have something to offer us, or want to find out more about what we do, we would love to have you.
Despite the fanciness of the word 'production', it is in essence another way of saying 'creating and organising a show'. Production involves a plethora of things to do and skills to learn or build upon, and is without a doubt one of the best and easiest ways to get involved at YSTV. If you love to organise, delegate, lead, create and inspire, then production is for you. From finding the concept for a new show, to bringing the right people together to make it happen, to learning how to operate a camera and edit footage, production is hands-on, extremely fun, and open to anyone willing to put in the time. Even if you don't have a specific idea for a show, talk to us! There's something for everyone, and you will have the time of your life!
To give you a taste of what we do, please do email us!

The Commercial Team controls the 'face of YSTV' and is responsible for promoting the station to campus and the outside world.
We're an open, friendly team and are always looking for new faces and talents. If you're interested in marketing, branding, graphic design, photography, organising sponsorship or masterminding an advertising campaign, then don't hesitate to get in touch with our Commercial Director at

YSTV has some of the best techies in the country, and we’re always on the lookout for more. With so much equipment to maintain, there is always an opportunity for the more tech-minded to try out their skills. Get in touch with our Technical Director or Computing Officer for more information.


Interested in learning more and getting involved? Email No experience is necessary! We look forward to hearing from you!