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Steven Perring talks to Peter Saul and Mark Pickard about their controversial campaign to run for YUSU's Women's Officers.

Published: 10th March 2010
Duration: 04:53

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21st March 2010 16:13 

Letting sexists run for womens officer is like letting racists run for ethnic minority equality officer, I am not normally for censorship but letting these clowns run for the post when they don't take it seriously could have been potentially quite dangerous

Oh dear
19th March 2010 11:11 

They still anger me post elections.

10th March 2010 15:49 

I'm not a member of YUSU and I got that they were being ironic - doesn't change the fact that they are incredibly unfunny!

10th March 2010 15:39 

Shouldn't that be 'they're twits'? What are you doing in a university?

10th March 2010 15:29 

I still think their twits though