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The YourUnion NUS delegates are in Liverpool to set the course of student politics nationwide - but how will Chloe keep control of an over-excited Mark and an increasingly bored Ed?

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Published: 16th May 2014
Duration: 14:16

Licence: Creative Commons Licence
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Licence.


Producer:  Tom Woffenden
Producer:  Kieron Moore

9th June 2014 19:01 

I admire your ballsiness for doing this, but I can't help feel this episode- while of the same quality as the previous (also great) episodes- is from a very different show. A lot of the gags only work if you are aware of its production contrasting with the straight-up sitcom of earlier episodes. Not really a complaint as its still very entertaining so I guess it doesn't matter. I look forward to the final two episodes.

Argath the Devourer
1st June 2014 13:24 

Very funny, I enjoyed this. Although, I think you're focusing on the wrong characters, Narguul the Dreadslayer is easier to sympathise with

Kieron (UNION Producer)
21st May 2014 15:31 

@curious george - Sadly not, both my co-producer and I are graduating. But there are two more episodes to be released towards the end of this term!

curious george
21st May 2014 12:52 

Will this show be continuing next year?

18th May 2014 15:47 

Kudos for having the balls to do this! Very funny