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Published: 3rd March 2010
Duration: 02:30

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16th October 2011 22:30 

Firstly- this video's now ancient history, but as part of my history (that's searchable via google from anyone in the world, including future employers) it would probably be foolish not to defend my name. This comment will have failed in its objectives if it causes any re-opening of this debate. I absolutely joined the RAG committee when I decided to run for this sabbatical position to learn more about how RAG works from the inside. I also won the bi-election 100% fairly. RAG's one of three main parts of the representation that the Student Activities Officer has under their umbrella, my main angle was the Student Societies aspect. Joining the RAG committee was therefore an opportunity to learn through further experience in the hope it would make me a better candidate. That being said however, founding and producing the only two "York Come Dancing" events (the first as an assistant producer and the second as the head producer) cumulatively raised over £2,000 for RAG and involved working with the RAG team. This was displayed by the event launching RAG week in 2009. Both events were completed before this election campaign started, so I wasn't starting from zero. And in response to "not impressed", any reader of this post is welcome to search for that hustings video (it's on this website) and judge for themselves. All I will say is that the order candidates answered questions in was rotated specifically to avoid unfair advantages through repetition. As I say, this is now York Uni history. I would go on to place second/lose this election completely fairly and for that I am not bitter. This comment is unfortunately a necessary product of the modern world where anonymous comments can form part of a permanent online record which can unfairly represent an individual. Any audience is still welcome to judge me however they like, but I hope that after hearing a few facts and opinions straight from the source that they'll have more evidence to make a more informed decision from.

7th March 2010 04:23 

Vote for integrity and honesty?1 Are you having a laugh?! He joined our committee in the 2nd term of his 3rd year.... purely to improve his election chances! Hardly the pinnacle of above in these respects!

7th March 2010 04:20 

Why did Luke Malkin cross the road? To join the RAG committee in the 2nd term of his 3rd year, because he was trying to get elected to a sabbatical position.

Not Impressed
7th March 2010 03:40 

First of all, watch the question time bits, as well as this speech. If you do, you'll realise Luke simply repeats what either Nick Scarlett or Rachel Hesselwood says each time. He simply is nowhere near as competent as either of these two 'heavyweight' candidates. Secondly, "no poetry or crap in his speech" - are you having a laugh?! Students' Unions elections are not the most interesting things in existence. Therefore anything to make them more fun, for example limericks, should be applauded. It is clear you are just jealous that your candidate didn't have the charisma or intelligence to do something similar. Luke Malkin? SNORE!!!!! p.s are there anymore YUSU committees he can join, now it's election time??

Go Malkin!
6th March 2010 17:16 

Most helpful and innovative policies, no poetry or crap in his speech - definitely the most useful, knowledgeable and genuine candidate! Shame his postering isn't as full-on as others', but a vote for this guy is definitely a vote for integrity and honesty.

4th March 2010 11:31 

I questioned Luke's ability to do this role given some of the poor planning of York Come Dancing but he was incredible last night- definitely the strongest candidate with the most appropriate and applicable policies.

Luke Malkin fan
4th March 2010 10:10 

I know who i'm voting for - very strong speech