Drama » Checkmate

Don Lad Trump says:

8th March 2017 15:36

I'd give up my presidency for this film, a true inspiration to us all #checkmate

Chris Traeger says:

24th February 2017 00:28

This movie is LITERALLY the best movie I've ever seen.

Hillary Clinton says:

30th October 2016 10:43

This was on the emails I deleted.

Tommy fong says:

19th October 2016 00:18

Haven't watched this film for a long time, came back to it and it still holds its value. A modern classic.

Ella Mather says:

13th October 2016 23:39

brb transferring to york

Ainsley Harriott says:

2nd October 2016 18:39


Bes Gold says:

27th May 2016 11:47

This film pretty much sums up everything I loved about my time at University of York.

Oli Todd says:

4th March 2016 18:32

Still a fucking classic.

David Cameron says:

16th September 2015 22:35

Checkmate is a danger to our national security, our economic security and your family's security.

Jeremy Corbyn says:

17th August 2015 22:58

This film inspired my leadership campaign.

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