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Published: 9th January 2012
Duration: 19:53

Licence: Creative Commons Licence
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17th August 2017 17:26 

Still a better love story than Twilight

9th May 2017 00:10 

10/10 would kill his dad again

HIcken Ceaser
6th May 2017 18:08 

My mind is racing with all the possibilities on show. We may never know the true resolution, allegories will be made for years to come to the collapse of society as we know it. I highly reccomend the "Blackwoods" for more on this. In conclusion, bouncin' on my boy's D for hours to this {})==========D~~~~~~~~~~AMERICA~~~~~~~

Don Lad Trump
8th March 2017 15:36 

I'd give up my presidency for this film, a true inspiration to us all #checkmate

Chris Traeger
24th February 2017 00:28 

This movie is LITERALLY the best movie I've ever seen.

Hillary Clinton
30th October 2016 10:43 

This was on the emails I deleted.

Tommy fong
19th October 2016 00:18 

Haven't watched this film for a long time, came back to it and it still holds its value. A modern classic.

Ella Mather
13th October 2016 23:39 

brb transferring to york

Ainsley Harriott
2nd October 2016 18:39 


Bes Gold
27th May 2016 11:47 

This film pretty much sums up everything I loved about my time at University of York.