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European Hustings Event 2014
MEP Candidate : Gary Shores, Richard Corbett, Timothy Kirkhope, Andrew Cooper, Edward McMillan-Scott

Candidate one minute introduction

Given that MEP have little direct effect on out membership on the EU, is the media doing the public disservice by affixing ahead of these election?

What different you will make you are elected to the European parliament, to Yorkshire and Humber, nationally and internationally?

Question Sent in:
Do you take issue with the court, and what your opinion there on?

What you think about TTIP and the recent treaty between USA and Canada where multinational corporation have been suing Canadian Authorities based on similar views that they have?

The EU has good records on liberation right for both feminist, LGBT movement as well as disables varies movement, how would you as MEP work though that the liberation moment continue and what is the record of your group on those issue?

Consider the turnout of election is very low, how you get people to engage with and be excited about the EU, or is it an impossible task?

How business and Jobs aid provider in Yorkshire and Humber affected by the membership of EU?

Candidate closing 30 second speech

Published: 21st May 2014
Duration: 1:20:24

Licence: Creative Commons Licence
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Licence.

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