YUSU Officer Elections 2019, Comprehensive coverage from YSTV

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Published: 3rd March 2010
Duration: 12:23

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7th April 2011 01:22 

What a pair of sexist idiots! They should be reprimanded for their behavior, it is totally unacceptable in a university environment. Have they graduated yet or are doing masters?

Hannah Cann
10th March 2010 18:07 

Unfortunately, they may well still be successful in the future! Also, they're comment about how women will be protected from rape if all men are locked up is so incredibly insensitive and plain stupid, I can't believe they thought people would laugh at it. A huge number of women at university (about 1/4) experience sexual assault or rape whilst at university, which does not just mean stranger rape. Sexual assaults are incredibly difficult for the victim to come to terms with, and accepting that it has happened, and it wasn't their fauly, is something that many victims of rape never fully accept. An alarming amount of people in Britain think that women should sometimes take responsibility for their rape, and so in making a joke about the seriousness of rape, these men reflect viewpoints that are held by people in society, are detrimental to women, and do deter women from seeking help. In a short comment about how 'all men are rapists' I feel that the two twerps completely dismissed the extent to which rape occurs in Britain and its impact on the victims. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

9th March 2010 03:48 

Wow, these two guys are the biggest failure at sarcasm attempt I've seen in a long time.

The audience
4th March 2010 15:40 

For anyone who wasn't there: At 4.42 - a member of the audience says 'Death to you' in response to 'Death to men'. At 9.25 - men in the audience are standing up and saying 'i'm not annoyed'.

Diarmuid McDonald
3rd March 2010 23:41 

Mr Pickard, do you have a mother? If so what are your plans for mothers day? Just a tip here concerning your love of boobs, if you carry on like this, i don't think many women are gonna show you them!-best stick to the internet groups and kleenex. Also, I do sincerily hope that neither of you hope to run for public office in the future because MY GOD! this will bite you in the arse..