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Published: 3rd March 2010
Duration: 02:40

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John Sykes
8th March 2010 00:58 

Here's his group: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1098871758&ref=mf#!/group.php?gid=324781037129&ref=ts

David Hansen
5th March 2010 02:43 

If anyone is wondering, what I was going to say if I hadn't been stopped was: 'and finally, as many people know, I am the current Welfare Officer'

Chris Reynolds
3rd March 2010 23:58 

...he was almost worthy of Dougsoc

Oliver Reeder
3rd March 2010 23:36 

This guy is phazed by nothing, ok no policies but im sure he has some, they are all promising the same, and probably will all do as good a job, at least this guy has the style and charisma needed to charm the uni into getting things his way, gotta be worth a vote

3rd March 2010 23:18 

That makes me want to enrol at York just so I can vote for you. Awesome stuff Dave. Awesome :D

3rd March 2010 22:53 

Wow, That just made my day!