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Published: 8th November 2011
Duration: 11:41

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This is basically sex
15th November 2011 15:44 

I mean it. I want to be on it.

11th November 2011 21:06 

Will Thorman is a star. Great show.

Jaime Riley's #1 fan!
9th November 2011 16:13 

This is amazing! Great job, Jaime for bring all of YUM together on this. Looking forward to future episodes!

Sarah David
9th November 2011 10:11 

This is fantastic!! Really interesting stories and great presenting, well done!

Saurabh Kumar
8th November 2011 22:33 

Very clear, open and elaborate but, some work needs to be done in terms of bringing the students' issues - to be discussed with and brought before the proper and liable authorities; and therefore, taking their response and bringing before the students is not only challenging but important too! Good-luck guys and your entire team for the future. You have it(the ability) in you and you have proved that too!! Cheers - Saurabh.

8th November 2011 22:31 

I can really imagine your first news presenter, Will Thorman being on a BBC show, such as Blue Peter.

Michael Miller
8th November 2011 22:21 

Great work guys, love the pace.

8th November 2011 21:40 

Cool first show!

Jack Cox
8th November 2011 21:03 

This is so well done guys but it's a shame that Will Thorman guy loves the sound of his own voice too much. Also what's with his massive coat, heavy breathing and weird pout he does? You lot could go far but I think you need to drop this mug.

Student watch
8th November 2011 20:00 

What a bunch of crybaby melts.