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YSTV and Nouse report on the student protests to defend portering hours

Published: 5th November 2009
Duration: 02:41

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22nd November 2009 00:38 

Keep up the fight against the porter cuts guys. This seems to happen every couple of years and was an issue when I started back in 2001. When will the university listen to what the students want and put the students safety and well being first?

Thomas Perry
19th November 2009 15:54 

haha this is quality

12th November 2009 01:12 

The broadcaster is very good but I think you really have to be a bit older to be allowed to speak like that.

Faye Thomas
9th November 2009 14:03 

Doesn't this happen every year?? Seems to me the uni isn't listening.

8th November 2009 02:03 

Congratulations to YSTV on finding a national broadcast-quality presenter!

6th November 2009 08:45 

I heard Joe Rankin was planning on protesting every Wednesday night for the rest of term. Let's hope the University start listening!