YSTV's Guide to York / YSTV's Guide to Colleges 2010

YSTV's Guide to Colleges 2010

PLEASE NOTE: This film was made in July 2010. A significant number of changes have been made to the accommodation since then, particularly the move of Langwith college to Heslington East and the old Langwith accommodation becoming part of Derwent. A new edition of this film was released on 16 August 2012 to include these updates and can be found here: http://ystv.co.uk/watch/freshers-guide/GuidetoColleges2012/ --- A look at the colleges at the University of York available to York undergraduates. Featuring a look at each of the colleges, experiences and memories of the colleges from last year's freshers and members of the Junior Common Room Committee. Also, featuring a typical rooms at each of the colleges. Can't remember what Vanbrugh College was like from the open day? Don't know what a room in James College B Block looks like? It's all here in this film. For any more information about the university from a student's point of view drop YSTV an email at info@ystv.co.uk


Duration: 9:30
Published 8/11/2010