York Come Dine With Me 2011 » Anmoli

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Volume says:

9th December 2011 20:54

My favourite part was 33-36 seconds. Because there was no sound. I would have preferred to listen to Anmoli, as she was quite enjoyable. Instead there were random bursts of dead air and grating narration.

Anon says:

9th December 2011 20:48

The guy who narrated this may as well have spent 40 minutes punching me in the ear while saying Cracker jokes in that smug, terribly sardonic awful vocal style.

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Created: 25th November 2011

Duration: 16:50

Total Views: 523

Description: The first day of YSTV and YUSU's Come Dine with Me, where the host is Anmoli.

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