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The first day of YSTV and YUSU's Come Dine with Me, where the host is Anmoli.

Published: 25th November 2011
Duration: 16:50

Licence: Creative Commons Licence
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Licence.

9th December 2011 20:54 

My favourite part was 33-36 seconds. Because there was no sound. I would have preferred to listen to Anmoli, as she was quite enjoyable. Instead there were random bursts of dead air and grating narration.

9th December 2011 20:48 

The guy who narrated this may as well have spent 40 minutes punching me in the ear while saying Cracker jokes in that smug, terribly sardonic awful vocal style.

bored of derwent
30th November 2011 19:03 

this is sinfully dull. literally unbelievably boring. half an hour? really......

30th November 2011 00:04 

Commentary about shaking a baby to death is really, really, disgusting.

29th November 2011 01:49 

No credit for Qaisar?

Flatmate of the mole again
27th November 2011 08:53 

But you bought the crackling...

Flatmate of the mole
27th November 2011 08:53