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Dr. Ibrahim Sallo says:

17th March 2011 00:39

Salam I attended it because it was great even in the History of York Univ. It shed light on the current events and situation in the Arab Countries with reference to motivations, Results and what is Next. I commented stating the Western countries could not foresee what is happening. I commented that Tunisia and Egypt witnessed less chaotic situation than Libya. I think Libya will witness bloodshed and civil war similar to Lebanon and Somalia. Yemen will witness civil war and the south will be separated plus Huthi issue. Bahrain too will witness the conflict between Shii and Sunni. Sure Iran will be a part and the Gulf countries will be a part so the Bahraini issue will be more risky. We can not ignore the effect of facebook on the revolutions led by youth although about 20% in Tunis and 10% in Egypt and about 4% in Libya used Facebok and social media. America is adopting double standard scale in dealing with these revolutions and democracy because it has nt raised that against Mubarak BIN ALI and Qahafi for 40 years. Even now it does nt raise it against KSA an Gulf countries. The funny for USA Saddam was the only dictator! so it looks at dictatorship with squinted eye!!! Will it take the same attitude if Palestinians in Israel and West bank revolt against Israel1 Why it did nt reject sending Arab armies to Bahrain? Does it accept if Syria sends troops to help Libya/ Anyhow, We pray to God keep Arab countries safe. REGARDS

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Created: 16th March 2011

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Description: A discussion and Q & A session on the uprising and revolution taking place in the Arab world.

Sara Sadek
Dr Ziad Elmarsafy
Prof. Mohammed El-Gomati

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