Freshers 2020 - Round-Up
Freshers 2020


YSTV is back again with a somewhat live livestream! Join us for interviews and other content from societies, YUSU officers, University staff, and more! Timestamps: Intro to Livestream - 00:00:00 YSTV Welcome Meeting Video - 00:00:30 Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffrey - 00:09:00 Want to make T...

YSTV Reports - The Forest
YSTV Reports

The Forest

This week the YUSU President, Patrick O'Donnell, gave us a look inside YUSU's newest bar, The Forest, and told us about all it has to offer to new and returning students this term! (We also got to sample a pint with York Vision and safe to say the Forest does not disappoint).

Behind The Streams - Baby Shark Party
Behind The Streams

Baby Shark Party

Very cool party

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 10
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 10

In this weeks 10th episode we have pole dancing, awards*, and a fresh and cheery** look at lockdown! What would be a better way to celebrate a Tuesday afternoon? *nominations only (we didn’t win) **it’s actually not that cheery TIMESTAMPS: Isolation Challenge Inside the YSTV Vault (Pole Da...

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 9
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 9

This week YUSU BAME Network and York ACS have come together to create a powerful spoken word piece in support of the black lives matter movement. We also have a very sweaty edition of the isolation challenge and the lovely Kira is back with a special tribute to a very special dog. So grab a cup...

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 8
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 8

Talking animals, YSTV Archives, the Isolation Challenge and lots of wine - it’s time for this weeks (late as always!) Quarantine Weekly! TIMESTAMPS: Isolation Challenge: BREAKING THE DEADLOCK Pets From Home Inside the YSTV Vault: York Come Dancing

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 7
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 7

This week we go back to check on Louis (and Louis) following their time travel adventures, we have a bi-lingual dog, and apparently someone takes URY hostage. And this week the show is all wrapped up in a quick-fire 15 minute episode so you don’t feel guilty for watching this instead of doing t...

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 6
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 6

Time travel, ASMR and Ollie Martin... What more could you want from this week's quarantine weekly

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 5
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 5

This week on Quarantine weekly Louis has a run in with Shia La Beouf, we dive deep into the YSTV vaults, and we learn which YSTV role is the most superior in a special edition of the Isolation Challenge! So to see all of that and more just grab a cuppa, take a seat, and hit play - I mean, what el...

Quarantine Weekly - International
Quarantine Weekly


The outbreak of Covid-19 is affecting every country on Earth. We asked YSTV's International members and friends to give us a look into their daily lives back home. This is Quarantine International.