Quarantine Weekly - Episode 6
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 6

Time travel, ASMR and Ollie Martin... What more could you want from this week's quarantine weekly

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 5
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 5

This week on Quarantine weekly Louis has a run in with Shia La Beouf, we dive deep into the YSTV vaults, and we learn which YSTV role is the most superior in a special edition of the Isolation Challenge! So to see all of that and more just grab a cuppa, take a seat, and hit play - I mean, what el...

Quarantine Weekly - International
Quarantine Weekly


The outbreak of Covid-19 is affecting every country on Earth. We asked YSTV's International members and friends to give us a look into their daily lives back home. This is Quarantine International.

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 4
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 4

While Louis welcomes some special guests, we recreate some renaissance art, walk dogs in Hungary, play Animal Crossing, and speak with Clara Garcia of the GSA. All that and much more, in this week's episode! TIME STAMPS: Isolation Challenge (Part 1) - 01:17 Interview with Clara Garcia - 07:3...

Sabb's in Short - Giang (Academic Officer)
Sabb's in Short

Giang (Academic Officer)

YSTV joined YUSU's Academic Officer, Giang Nguyen, to see what a day in the life of a Sabb is like.

YSTV Reports - Interview with Steph Hayle
YSTV Reports

Interview with Steph Hayle

While Quarantine Weekly is taking a break this week (to allow us to not fail our degrees), here is the full-length interview with YUSU Community and Wellbeing Officer Steph Hayle.

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 3
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 3

While Louis' celebrates Her Majesty's birthday, we bake some cakes, speak with YUSU's Steph Hayle and learn more about the lockdown abroad. TIME STAMPS: Isolation Challenge (Part 1) Interview with Steph Hayle Quarantine International (Episode 2) Louis celebrates the Queen's birthday Isola...

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 2
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 2

Cute animals, a reverse video challenge, reports from abroad and Louis making an apple pie - find all of that and more in this week's edition of QUARANTINE WEEKLY! (And yes, this is going out a day later than it should have. The editor slept in yesterday. Sorry.) Time stamps: Isolation C...

Quarantine Weekly - Episode 1
Quarantine Weekly

Episode 1

While we're all stuck at home YSTV is here to bring some entertainment, no matter where you are in the country! So grab a cuppa and join us for our new show Quarantine Weekly - full of all the happy news, campus news and isolation challenges that you could ever need! Isolation Challenge Part 1...

Election Results Night - Election Results Night 2020
Election Results Night

Election Results Night 2020