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Published: 13th February 2017
Duration: 01:14

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Herbert Thunderwinkle
16th February 2017 22:03 

1) Societies set their own membership fee. 2) Those charging £0-3 are not eligible for grants. 3) If you don't need a grant, great. If you do need a grant then you need to charge a minimum of £4. 4) This is not expensive given what a lot of people get out of societies. 5) Where is this money coming from? Do you not think that the likes of Chris Wall and Alex Lusty haven't been working their asses off trying to get extra money? Do you actually know how much money they have to play with? 6) Are you a joke candidate? I am genuinely unsure given that you don't actually seem to know anything. 7) Please stop with the jokes... just please stop. 8) A vote for you is clearly a vote for what was previously thought to be unthinkable ... a worse president than Millie Beach. 9) Im pretty sure any Society committee would be more than happy to let you pay their apparently very expensive membership in 5p instalments should you need to as so that you do not feel excluded because you can't afford it.

14th February 2017 17:42 

Where do you think all the funding will come from to make sports clubs cheaper? YUSU already struggle to give clubs usable sums of money with many clubs have to pursue their own fundraising.