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Published: 3rd March 2010
Duration: 02:21

Licence: Creative Commons Licence
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Opinions, >_>
1st March 2011 20:48 

A damp wrag? Really? Wow, I'm gonna take your opinion seriously!

13th March 2010 22:09 

Short sleeved shirts are like carrots without sticks

Jack Cunningham
5th March 2010 15:47 

This guy's clearly pretty experienced; sounds like he knows what he's doing far more than the others. Sensible flesh blood. Levene's got my vote.

Simon Evans
4th March 2010 19:03 

Levene? More like bottomless ravine. You have the personality of a damp wrag.

Which Dave?
4th March 2010 01:27 

Looks like you are going to have to work on your delivery if you're going to stand up to Dave Hansen. At least you can put his to a beat...

Samuel Houlders
3rd March 2010 16:43 

Great speech. Vote Levene #1