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Published: 3rd March 2010
Duration: 02:14

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Very Impressed
7th March 2010 15:52 

Underconfident speaker? Did you not hear the cheers?

nick scarlett
7th March 2010 13:10 

Dear unimpressed, none of my policies are recycled (however the materials used to create the towers and card posters are). I know that Rhianna has put a lot of administration online, however my manifesto and hustings speech make it clear that I am referring to finances and to transport bookings, neither of which are currently available online. none of the other policies show any similarity to previous policies, certainly not to previous policies that have been enacted successfully.

7th March 2010 03:34 

I'm extremely impressed by this video. His speech was by far the best of all 4 candidates. Secondly, recycled policies?! None of them are! The only one that is in any shape similar to those before is the admin online one, and that refers specifically to Transport Bookings and Finances - both of which haven't been done yet. Therefore they are valid, and if you use such services, great policies. The idea of a summer opportunities fair, bringing it all under one roof is quite simply brilliant. Especially in a tough economic climate where the importance of summer work will be vital. In fact, I'd go so far to say, that in my opinion, it's the best policy of the entire election

6th March 2010 17:28 

At first, I thought that Scarlett's manic postering was fantastic and showed dedication to his cause; but, after hearing his speech, I am unimpressed by the underconfident speaking, recycled policies. It's a shame, because he seems a nice guy.