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Sona says:

11th September 2013 06:49

...... Only You can hear me summoner ,What masterpiece shall i play today?

Avenging Amatuer says:

21st March 2012 19:35

Im not sure it's fair to accuse the director of indolence: a lot of student tv departments have very small budgets and are run by novices - i'm not sure what standard you quite expect of a student production? As for the acting, the girl with black hair portraying the lawyer was quite captivating actually, so such a general assessment doesn't seem very appropriate, given how large the cast was. I feel what ultimately let down a promising idea was the editing, which made the plot hard to follow and spolit several sections. I do agree the sound was a massive hinderance too. Nevertheless it was a good effort - a slightly shorter version with improved editing and sound good make this rather more successful.

Some guy from another Uni says:

20th March 2012 17:34

Sound bad. Acting bad. Shots very average -- more close ups of Darcy for example? Just very lazy from the director

Anonymous says:

5th March 2012 22:01

Sound isn't very good

r humphrey says:

4th March 2012 20:07

Brilliantly written and acted, By an unbiased viewer.

Margot says:

4th March 2012 12:55

Really good! Well done Tess et al! : - )

Deborah Skelton says:

4th March 2012 12:21

*Oh, that's too fucking wonderful* [ =

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Created: 2nd March 2012

Duration: 40:59

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Description: Original drama from ystv. Written by Tess Humphrey, produced by Tess Humphrey and Isabella Weyman.

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