Behind The Streams » Strong & Stable General Election Livestream

Sam says:

2nd July 2017 09:47

TAKE ME BACK! I wanna do this again!

Will Batchelor says:

27th June 2017 19:10

Shout out to Nuneaton, town with the highest teen pregnancy rate in the UK and birthplace of URY's best food based quiz show host, getting some solid coverage on behind the streams

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Created: 26th June 2017

Duration: 08:39

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Description: An in-depth and revelatory documentary uncovering the truth behind the extra long General Election Coverage.

Wondering about that rooster sound? It came from FreeSound's user Inspector J:

Breaker 88 was YSTV's record breaking show in 1988.

What else was hosted in the 80s? Eurovision in Harrogate, also the home of Unibrass 2017.

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