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Published: 19th February 2013
Duration: 01:10

Licence: Creative Commons Licence
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27th February 2013 16:53 

Awesome Kallum!!!! we gonna keep you!!

22nd February 2013 23:04 

I like your voice. And your face.

20th February 2013 16:35 

All well and good, but spearheading the policy of free fruit and veg during exam season isn't good enough. The correlation between problem and policy action is frankly abysmal. I'd like to be employed at the end of my degree, rather than tout about how I was given a pear before a chemistry exam. 'Kallum with a K' should push better policies in enhancing career opportunities and giving back to societies which establish networking events, rather than sport societies which are extra-curricular.

dave harkin
20th February 2013 14:35 

Bloody hell kallum with a K, Y you dont want much do you!!!! seriouseley well done.