YUSU Officer Elections 2019, Comprehensive coverage from YSTV

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Published: 3rd March 2010
Duration: 02:31

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5th March 2010 19:24 


5th March 2010 15:43 

Free from experience...!?

Simon Evans
4th March 2010 19:07 

Should we vote for someone who holds the union in such contempt?

Malcolm Tucker
3rd March 2010 22:56 

An interesting speech with an excellent delivery, definitely a cross between Blair and Obama. Is Alasdair Campbell his speechwriter?

3rd March 2010 22:50 

and i thought frecks was the worlds biggest tory so surely thats the worst thing ever!

3rd March 2010 22:49 

doesn't everyone hate tony blair?!

3rd March 2010 17:03 

a cross between tony blair and obama. I love it! well delivered. bravo.x