YUSU Officer Elections 2019, Comprehensive coverage from YSTV

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Published: 2nd March 2010
Duration: 00:58

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30th November 2011 22:07 

Soooo, I Suppose this will pop up again now with the womens officer debates?

8th March 2010 13:43 

It's alright, when you google either of them now, this video is one of the top hits... have fun getting employed

7th March 2010 11:52 

Did they really succeed in raising points about women's committee though? Most people I know already have their own opinions about the women's committee, they don't need two idiots to highlight it for them. They would have done better to have pulled back a bit with their campaign but instead they've just gone a bit too far so that it isn't really as satirical as they would've hoped - it's all just a bit silly and pathetic. It's also dampened what could've been a good point to start off with - why do we need a women's committee? - so I don't particularly see them as succeeding at all, instead of discussing that topic, more people are discussing the stupidness of it all.

5th March 2010 01:50 

Agreed! It was completly sad and pathetic! The one with the dark hair (donĀ“t know his name) managed to make an even bigger fol of himself. When you watch the question time video you can see he is just laughing out loud thinking he is so funny lol its a little sad actualy to see someone have so little self awarness....

re. Michael
4th March 2010 12:12 

Satire requires a level of intelligence, an ability to grasp the concepts in hand then put a pointed and humour twist on them. It's clear from the questions video that these guys haven't got a clue what they're talking about.

Chris Reynolds
3rd March 2010 23:51 

...it obviously wasn't half as funny as they thought it was originally, how embarrasing

Michael Denniss
3rd March 2010 23:22 

Such 'fears' about them getting elected are unfounded. Mark and Paul set out to, and succeeded in, raising two points: that groups such as Women's Committee and moves to get more female students into positions have grossly exaggerated the problems women face on campus, and that too much importance is attached to mere YUSU politics. (Whether or not we agree with these). A sense of humour is needed when looking at their policies. Of course they're not serious policies: they're satirical comments that reflect the apparently exaggerated emphasis on women's issues on campus. HOUSEWIFE is, as far as I'm concerned, hilarious. Although several of their 'policies' appear to be downright sexist, one would have to know Mark and Paul to know that this is more 'satire'.

3rd March 2010 15:44 

Feminism deserves to be mocked within the UK. What areas are women being put down or having issues in now, more so than men that a man cannot understand and can be tackled as a united force of both women and men. This prank highlights further how the system in place at the moment built by the LGBT can be abused. Please should be happy it came out as a joke and not for example as the below. How long will it be til perverts say they are the oppersite sex and start walking into other sexes changing rooms and just say "i'm a women" for example when they are guys. The university can't touch them. Plus getting angry at them will only make them more likely to win. Don't give them fuel.

3rd March 2010 14:31 

An attempt at humour and anti-"Political Correctness" that went so far that the entire room booed them. Saying that women should all become housewives and that all men are rapists is disgraceful whether you're a joke candidate or a serious candidate. They should be disqualified or shot (whichever is more cost-effective).

3rd March 2010 13:12 

Yeah. NO WAY. "We'll treat this position with the dignity it deserves... DEATH TO MEN!" That's just insulting - they are mocking women and feminism! If they get it I shall eat my hat! ...and then go and complain /campain strongly to YUSU!