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On tonight's programme, illegal vodka's on sale in York - it contains the same stuff you use to clean your computer screen. Burglaries are on the rise in student areas and all the details on the controversial cricket club email leak. Plus more national campus media success and plans for a gender equality bill within the union.

Published: 29th November 2011
Duration: 10:24

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YUM News Team
7th December 2011 10:47 

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1st December 2011 14:27 

My only experience of UYCC is of a couple of their members being completely obnoxious in the queue to Willow last year and picking a fight with a stranger. So, frankly, I'd believe almost anything about them. Members of some societies are sufficiently arrogant that they think they can act however they want.

Neutral Reader
30th November 2011 13:25 

Yet again student news have blown something way out of proportion to get some viewers and attention on a 'scandal' . Lets grab some viewers, targeted audience: the anal. Yes, the email was sent to the ''entire mailing list''. People of the email list tend to be members of the team. What comes with any team? Inside jokes. As a member of a sports team at the university, I would know that if people overheard some of our conversations they could really be taken wrong, but we know it is all a joke. Don't like inside jokes then don't be on the mailing list. I've seen worse from sports teams of York. Example, a rugby man sticking his hand up the skirt of our drunkest fresher. I would consider that very offensive and wrong. Anything in the news about that? Anything done about that? No. The same person then called me obscene things when I pulled him away. Now THAT is offensive, not some silly little email that I'm sure many of the team found funny as they can take it into context. Sort it out student news. Find some real news. Also, the reporter saying ''poo'', very funny!

John Wayne
30th November 2011 12:55 

I enjoyed this email a lot. My walk has spread worldwide, please YSTV, Vision, Nouse, I emplore you; do not take away my good publicity.

Email police
29th November 2011 19:53 

I don't know how an email with such profanities could ever be in context...

Casual observer
29th November 2011 19:42 

Errm, not sure how that email could have been taken out of context and proportion, from what I've read it was pretty vile. Nevermind what that guy in the report says, it's still not in order for someone who has access to a mailing list to send stuff like that.

Phil Tufnell
29th November 2011 19:22 

Who is this so called member of the UYCC? I have been a member for three years and have never seen him once. You are also wrong about not seeing one normal email there have been many, get your facts right!!!! Also why would we be sending emails out about team selection? Cricket is a summer sport and squads are not decided until the end of the spring term. I suggest you take yourself off the mailing list. Yet again the emails have been taking out of context and out of proportion. Very disappointing from york university media.