YUSU Officer Elections 2019, Comprehensive coverage from YSTV

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Published: 16th March 2010
Duration: 01:07

Licence: Creative Commons Licence
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Licence.


Producer:  Richard McLoughlin

Tom Flynn Fanclub
21st March 2010 16:33 

When I saw this I LOLd so hard that I had to take a ROFLCOPTER to the ROFLWAFFLE store to revitalise myself, before returning to my job aboard ROFL Force One!

Tom Flynn
20th March 2010 18:04 

Thank you for the constructive feedback YUSU. Next time I'm asked to participate in a video singing the theme tune to Sesame Street I'll keep your insightful comments in mind.

The Fourth Wheel
17th March 2010 15:43 

I feel very left out. Fourth member of Damaged's 'YUSU Clique'

16th March 2010 21:58 

Damaged - you certainly are. Charlie and Jamie met each other as housemates in Derwent College in their first year, and Tom has never been anything in YUSU. Clique? Or just three close friends? You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

16th March 2010 17:58 

Living proof of the YUSU clique: past and present

Tom Flynn
16th March 2010 14:23