Current Productions

To give you a taste of what we do, here is a list of current or recent productions at YSTV:



Broadcast live the day after the BBC's show, YSTV's Children in Need raises money for the charity. 2013's edition featured a variety of comedy sketches, presenter challenges and musical performances, raising over £600.



imbroglio [noun]: an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation.

YSTV's annual Christmas show - featuring quizes, comedy sketches and Santa. Previous editions have been titled around the Nth entry of a film series, and 2015 will be the show's fourth year.



Executive Producer: Peter Eskdale (
Producers wanted for individual filmings

YSTV regularly films the sketches and shows of Comedy Society - including their panel show Have I Got News for York? and premier improv troupe The Shambles.



Executive Producer: Kate Whitaker (
Producers wanted for individual episodes 

YSTV's fortnightly magazine-style show, with guest interviews and features on recent campus events. Spotlight is a great opportunity to try your hand at producing a live TV show!



Production Director: Kate Whitaker (

A variety York and campus events are covered by YSTV Reports, produced, presented and filmed by anyone who's available. This could be you! 



In addition to producing our own content, we provide extensive coverage of many on-campus events, such as BandSoc's Battle of the Bands, the Roses sport tournament, YUSU's elections and RAG's 12 hour charity concert: Woodstock.



Want to get involved in any of our shows? Feel free to email the producer(s) to find out how you can help. If you're interested in creating a new show, please email the Production Director, Kate. We look forward to hearing from you!